aka Jaynes Kitchen

The kitchen design was probably the most important aspect to our new kitchen.  As a family we had moved in to the house and gave careful consideration to the living spaces and what we wanted to create for our own day-to-day needs and also in terms of the activities we are all individually involved with.  I was particularly looking to create a space that was full of light, spacious and a pleasure to prepare catering for up to 60 people without the stress and we wanted to create a social and semi-independent vibe for our teenagers too without losing a family setting.

the ovens and storage

The ovens are a key part of the kitchen and an essential part of allowing us to cater for larger groups without the kitchen becoming over-taken.   Funnily enough, the funniest comment we find is always ‘why have you got three ovens’ and I’m always to shy to say we have six including the micro-waves.   We have a bank of three standard ovens along with 3 convection microwaves installed as a bank allowing us to cook multiple dishes with ease allowing baking, heating and oven cooked items to be cooked all at the same time.  Along with catering for larger groups is also the slightly larger kitchen equipment that all needs a home which is why directly underneath the cooker bank we have chosen to have six extra deep drawers for that more than adequately houses the peripherals.

our hob and cooker plate

The cooker plate seamlessly works with the work top and is ideal for a variety of oversized pans to be on the hob at any one time.  Directly below the cooker hob are double width draws for utensils and this works very well for us as a family and also when we are entertaining.  Our family have gotten used to our extractor fan that we fell in love with which on first impressions people seem to mistake it for a television screen.   I personally liked the sleek finish and modern feel mixed in with other contemporary parts of the kitchen feel.


The sweetie shop as we like to call it is a fun area for all the family mostly in-use when we have friends and family over with their children too.   We felt this was a really good way to make home a bit of extra fun for our friends and family – most surprisingly in practice it’s mainly the adults who hover around the sweetie shop.

extending out of the kitchen

The games room would typically have been a reception room / dining room.  As a family we were all involved in how we wanted the house to become our new home and for my husband I really wanted him to have a relaxing space after long hours so we could enjoy the most of our lives at home together and part of this was the games area where boys can be boys.   We wanted the kitchen design to extend past the kitchen and include a mini bar area where food and snacks could be easily and without fuss be served without interfering with any family activities happening in the kitchen.  This has worked very well and the separation between the two areas complements each other very well, where the games room feels like an extended part of the living space in the kitchen.

Looking out from the Sweetie Shop

Looking back toward the sweetie shop