Mr & Mrs Tuckers Transformational Kitchen, Aukley (DN9)

Mr & Mrs Tuckers Transformational Kitchen

We were originally looking to update our cupboard doors and have a refresh and we invited Kitchen Studio to come and assess our kitchen who confirmed what we always felt, that the original kitchen was back to front and poorly laid out. Kitchen Studio provided us with a new kitchen design that included moving all of the utilities from the back wall of the house to the front wall of the house placing the sink on the front facing wall instead of the rear facing wall. The final result is a complete transformation of our kitchen space.

Clean Lines & Family Dining Area

Kitchen Studio created more space by adding our cooker hob and cooking facilities and all the new cupboards down the longest wall of the kitchen leaving room for a family dining table in the kitchen. My mother came in to the kitchen after the refit and said she was ‘blown away’ and ‘speechless’ with the transformation.

Way happier in this space

The kitchen has a reflective splashback that rebounces light and the colours were chosen to make the best use of the available light as well. In addition we have had downlighters put in underneath the cupboards all adding to the embience of the kitchen. We enjoy being in the kitchen more than we did before, it is a lot more comfortable and we have the right cupboard space for everything so we can tidy away. The light also reflects from the back of the house where our French Doors are all the way through the kitchen area making it absolutely the right choice in terms of transforming the space using all the available light.

New Cooking Facilities

The kitchen now has two ovens along with a new gas hob. Placed underneath the gas hob is a double width drawer for all our utensils. In addition to the two ovens that are at a much better height we also have an integrated microwave too. All the cooking facilities are built in providing us with clean lines making it a much more straight forward job to clean.

New Cooking Facilities

When the lights are off we also have a really rich ambient light with all the new reflective surfaces. The overall effect is very beautiful and has done away with the tired, cramped and cluttered look we had before. There is no more bad use of space and everything is easily accessed and a delight to work with particularly when the main lights are off.